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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Your teeth can be discolored by many reasons including food and beverage like a tea, coffee, and definitely from smoking. Unavoidable, it will go along with your age like other part of your body. But your teeth are easier than other part to repair by whitening, yet it’s not that easy to get a great result from any dentist counter.

We offer a simple dispense, safe and effective system controlled by our clinical staff.
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The Teeth Whitening Procedure

Using of peroxide to remove any discoloration and stains to whiten the teeth. The peroxide will get into the oral cavity and let oxygen take effect with enamel to bleach the teeth. This process will whiten the natural color of the teeth, but not destroy the surface. Use of laser, light or heat may use as an activator.

Laser Tooth Whitening

The treatment is to apply the bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel on the surface of the teeth. Then, the gel will be affected by the diode laser light to lighten the teeth. It’s very an effective method which takes only an hour. Laser whitening teeth costs more than other whitening methods, but it will bring a greater , faster visible change on your teeth.

– Is Laser Teeth Whitening safe?

All research support that laser whitening teeth is totally safe, and not damaging the enamel.

– How long will the effect of Laser Whitening last?

Typically it lasts for 2-3 years, but if you still drinking coffee, wine or smoking which are the causes of tooth discolored , it may not last that long.

– Do Laser teeth whitening hurt?

The laser does not heat the tooth, but may effect some discomfort to the sensitive teeth, and it wont last very long.

– How much whiter will laser tooth whitening make my teeth?

The whiter color change is visible and your friends will be able to notice it. It’s around 5-10 shade lighter.

– Can Laser teeth whitening improve the color of my crowns, caps, or veneers?

Afraid that laser teeth whitening won’t lighten the colors of crowns, caps, or veneers.

– How do teeth become discolored?

Besides natural changing by times as same as your age, some kinds of food and dark beverages such as wine and coffee, and definitely smoking all are causes of the discolored teeth. Too much exposure to fluoride called Fluorisis is another reason for discolored teeth.

– Am I a candidate for Laser whitening teeth?

It serves everyone, but child should wait until appropriate age, who would like to get a brilliant smile.

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